New from RiskLens: Let Us Help You Build a Sustainable Quantitative Risk Management Program

October 21, 2020  Chad Weinman

A growing number of organizations are looking for ways to build a financially-oriented cyber risk management program that can help them answer questions that boards and executives have been posing, such as: “how much risk do we have?”; “are we doing enough or too little?”; "what is the ROI of these cybersecurity initiatives?”.

As the most experienced company in the world at implementing cyber risk quantification (CRQ) in enterprise and government settings, we’ve learned a thing a or two about bringing quantitative risk management to organizations.

The number one lesson from the field? Introducing CRQ and producing sustainable results involves getting the people-process-technology equation right, according to an organization’s program goals. Through our experience with our Fortune 1000 customers and our role as the Technical Advisor to the FAIR Institute, RiskLens developed a holistic services approach to help our customers build a Quantitative Risk Management Program (QRMP). This program combines the power of the RiskLens Platform with our long Professional Services experience in cyber risk management.

Chad Weinman is VP, Professional Services for RiskLens

Here are some of the key elements of this new suite of QRMP services, that our team of risk consultants can assist your organization with:

  • The definition of program goals, based on the level of decision making effectiveness and risk management maturity your organization wants to achieve (according to the RiskLens FAIR Enterprise Model)
  • The delivery of training, awareness and orientation sessions to help risk analysts learn how to scope and assess cyber risk according to the FAIR standard, to teach cyber risk management how to prioritize and report on risk, to help executives and the board make risk-aligned business decisions
  • The configuration of your instance of the RiskLens platform, including data libraries, for enterprise-scalable, reliable and efficient risk analysis.
  • The identification of tactical and strategic decision-making processes that can be informed and improved by quantitative risk analysis and the related risk assessments and reporting.
  • The measure of ongoing performance of your cyber risk management program, by evaluating how your organization's aggregated risk is trending against explicit risk appetite statements.

The RiskLens Professional Services team helps you design, develop and succeed through all the phases of your risk program – we’ve been through them all, many times over. The end result? Together, we stand up a Quantitative Risk Management Program that your risk team will continue to use and grow to improve the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program and to make risk-informed business decisions.

I’m proud to say that our RiskLens team has developed QRMP on the back of thousands of hours of engagements with the most sophisticated and demanding cyber risk professionals in the world, both as RiskLens clients as members of the FAIR Institute of which we are the Technical Advisors. We have distilled all that learning into this holistic suite of program-building services.

Put us to the test with a RiskLens Pilot that will deliver actionable results in just 4 days, and discover why many or your industry peers rely on RiskLens to build their cyber risk management programs.

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