RiskLens in 2021: The Year of Time to Value

December 21, 2021  Chad Weinman

RiskLens Professional Services - Fast Time to ValueThe over-arching theme of 2021 for RiskLens was a dramatic reduction in time to value for our customers. Three new features and capabilities drove this development: 

1.  Data Out of the Box to Jumpstart Risk Analysis

RiskLens has been investing in a data science team that is dedicated to our problem space, uncommon for an organization of our size – and in 2021, we were able to roll out significantly new and better data offerings:

  • We launched 50-plus “data helpers”, given to every new customer. These are pre-defined (but also customizable) data sets, refined by data science and ready for plug and play in risk analyses. 

  • Similarly, we engaged in continuous improvement of our loss tables, segmenting them by industry so clients Can have better and and more accurate loss data specific to their industry.

  • We launched Content Packs, included in the RiskLens platform for every new customer, with pre-set, industry-specific risk scenarios, a major acceleration in ease and speed of analysis. 

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Chad Weinman - VP Professional Services - RiskLensChad Weinman is Vice President, Professional Services, for RiskLens. Learn more about RiskLens Services.

2.  APIs for Fast, Flexible Reporting and Data Sharing

We introduced in 2021 (and will continue to roll out in 2022) RiskLens APIs that enable editing key data inside the platform as well as exporting data out for reporting or GRC integration. These new API endpoints are already being used in popular GRC’s such as RSA Archer, ServiceNow, and LogicGate, with more on the way. Also, custom reporting products like Tableau can connect to this API to build risk reporting pivots based on FAIR quantified results from RiskLens. 

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RiskLens/ServiceNow GRC integration

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3.  Accelerated Rollout of Risk Management Programs 

Unlike the traditional consulting firm engagement taking months to deliver an over-engineered program before delivering a single risk assessment, our approach is to start immediately producing results and generating generating meaningful value within the first 90 days. We wrap the program around continual completion of assessments, so we are continuously adding value to the business while building the program. That helps our customers achieve value much quicker and build a right-sized program in a very short amount of time. 

Based on these three developments, we a shortened time to value for all our customers and a dramatically shortened time to value for our new customers.  And we’re just getting started. In 2022, look to RiskLens for a growing fleet of data-delivery vehicles, wide extension in reach and functionality of our APIs, and even faster and more reliable analysis processes. 

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