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Portfolio Management

Understanding how your cyber and technology risks are distributed across the enterprise. See the most relevant risks by business unit, by region or how shared risks compare throughout the enterprise.


Portfolio Reporting

Why Portfolio Management?

  • Manage and Report on Your Risk Portfolios
  • Get visibility into the specific risks of the various parts of your business
  • Identify Where Risk is Concentrated

Aggregate the risks associated with key business initiatives, so you can see both the forest and the trees. Effectively communicate risk to your business owners, Board, or risk committees by showing them the aggregated loss exposure associated with various business units or strategic business initiatives.


Identify, analyze and prioritize the specific risk scenarios associated with various facets of your business, whether these are business units, geographical regions, strategic initiatives or newly acquired business entities.


Zero in on the areas of the business with the biggest loss exposures that require more attention. Compare risk across broad categories, assess which concentrations of loss are driving your risk the most, or dive deeper into specific scenarios of interest.


Challenges Addressed by Portfolio Management:

  • Understanding Risk Across the Enterprise
  • Identifying Concentrations of Cyber Risk
  • Comparing and Prioritizing Top Risks

Gain clarity around the risks that matter most to your organization with a fast-paced, efficient way to identify and prioritize risk to drive business decisions within your organization. Use guided cyber risk quantification workflows, out-of-the-box benchmark data, and built-in reporting features to quickly and consistently measure each risk's likelihood and financial impact.

Understand where the most significant cyber risk is located and decide where to act. Compare risk across different areas of the business, assess where loss exposure is concentrated, and dig into specific scenarios as needed.

Compare risks to one another in an easily digestible way that resonates with a non-technical audience: dollars and cents. Compare risk concerns “apples to apples” and help ensure effective risk-based business decisions.

How Portfolio Management Helps Your Role:

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Get a detailed understanding of critical risks across the various facets of the business in easy to understand financial terms, and make better risk-informed business decisions.

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Get a seat at the business table, by providing the business and the board with the visibility of where cyber risk is concentrated across the enterprise and where risk mitigation initiatives are most needed.

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Risk Analysts

Leverage the RiskLens software to create and manage risk portfolios at will, to report on risk at -scenario, -departmental and -enterprise levels and deliver risk insights to the business that no other platform can provide.

See Portfolio Management in Action

Hear from our dedicated risk quantification experts on how Portfolio Management with RiskLens can help organizations:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your cyber and technology risks across the enterprise. 
  • See the most relevant risks by business unit or how shared risks compare throughout the enterprise. 
  • Allow the organization to drive prioritization of key initiatives and look at risk more holistically.




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