Survey: Tell Us How the RiskLens Blog Could Best Meet Your Needs

February 25, 2019  Jeff B. Copeland

Please take two minutes for  a short survey on the topics you'd like to see covered by the RiskLens blog that would most help you advance your knowledge and skills in risk management, risk analysis, risk-based decision-making and the fast-growing movement toward financial analysis of cyber risk led by the  FAIR model and the RiskLens platform.

We welcome RiskLens customer and non-customers to share their input.

We have a list of topics for you to rank – but we’re especially eager to see how you fill out the blank box to tell us about your particular needs.

FYI, here are the  10 most popular RiskLens blog posts of 2018. That was then – what are your high-value topics of interest in 2019?

Looking forward to hearing from you in our  two-minute survey.