Report from the RiskLens User Group Meeting

December 13, 2021  Leanne Scott

Communication - RiskLens User Group MeetingRiskLens recently held the first RiskLens User Group Meeting.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the event.  Learning from other RiskLens users about how to implement and integrate RiskLens usage and output into normal operating procedures – and lessons learned along the way – are keys to furthering all customers’ successes.   

First on the agenda was a presentation by Taylor Maze, RiskLens Product Content Manager and prior Professional Services consultant: Maximizing RiskLens Efficiency. Taylor provided information about the following as well as an application demo: 

  • Content Packs include fully scoped and populated risk scenarios with detailed rationale explaining how RiskLens came up with the selected value estimates.  With each scenario comes a document explaining the analysis purpose, key FAIR™ components, data sources, and which Starter Content Pack data helpers it requires in your library.  RiskLens provides some supporting attack chain diagrams with different control groups identified as well.  Lastly, in-app help is provided so you can refine relevant values.
  • Three scenarios and three supporting assets are available in the Starter Content Pack, free to all customers.  For more information, contact your Customer Success representative.
  • RiskLens created content packs specific to the Healthcare and Technology arenas as well.

headshot_LeanneScottLeanne Scott is a Customer Success Executive for RiskLens.

  • RiskLens Application Assistance Menu: The Assistance menu includes how to perform basic application functions, new feature exploration (i.e., catalog usage), how to interpret reports, and more.  Content is provided in document, video, or step-by-step walkthrough format.
  • Help Center: This website provides information about RiskLens API, integration to some GRCs, and SSO.
  • RiskLens Support: A ticketing system that enables you to report an error, ask a question, request a model review and provide direct feedback to RiskLens.

The remainder of the meeting included questions and answers from the user community.  Key topics of interest included:

  • Experiences with RiskLens and GRC integration
  • How RiskLens analysis has changed decision-making in customer organizations
  • How have stakeholders integrated RiskLens output into their standard risk management practices

While the inaugural RiskLens User Group meeting was successful, with your feedback we can continue to evolve the meeting and continuously assess how best to provide value to you, our RiskLens customers.  With the underlying assumption that customers are in the best position to help other customers, please let us know if you have any recent wins or lessons learned to share with the group.  Private details aside (or anonymized), everyone can benefit from knowing what works when it comes to building and operationalizing a quantitative risk management program or sharing quantitative results.

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