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Add the business context that has been missing from traditional NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) assessments to better prioritize and optimize cybersecurity resources.

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Manage Cyber Risk Cost-Effectively with NIST CSF & FAIR

RiskLens combines NIST CSF with a standard risk analysis model to perform cyber risk assessments that add business context and maximize the impact of each dollar spent.



Business Context for NIST CSF
Identify, assess and manage cyber risks from the business perspective, by quantifying them in financial terms. You will be finally able to determine which security measures and controls are best suited to minimize risk in your specific environment.

NIST CSF Activity Prioritization
Prioritize the security initiatives and controls that are directly relevant and most effective in reducing your cyber risk, from the bottom-line perspective. Perform cost-benefit analyses based on current-state versus future-state comparisons to determine which initiatives are the most cost-effective.

Cyber Risk Communication
Add an economic dimension to your NIST CSF program by communicating about your top cyber risks and the most effective risk mitigation options in a language that the business understands, the financial one. Elevate your profile with the business by speaking about cybersecurity in ROI terms.

Manage Cyber Risk from the Business Perspective

RiskLens helps put your NIST CSF work in the context of the actual cyber risk that your organization is facing to determine which NIST CSF activities are directly relevant to your most significant loss event scenarios. Focus your efforts on those, instead of spreading your scarce resources on activities that matter less.


Maximize Risk Reduction

Identify which areas matter most based on the impact on your organization. Rapidly assess your top risks and triage which situations require the most attention, then evaluate and prioritize your risk mitigation initiatives. With RiskLens, you can conduct comparative and cost-benefit analyses to optimize your cybersecurity budget based on your risk tolerance level.

Improve Communication About Cyber Risk

RiskLens helps you articulate the risk associated with critical business services in monetary terms and defend your prioritization decisions not just with the business but also with regulators, auditors and Inspector Generals. Enable better decision-making and budget optimization by proposing alternative treatment options or levels of investment that the business can choose from, based cost-effectiveness.

Build a True Cyber Risk Dashboard Worth Taking to the Board

Enrich your cyber risk dashboard that displays NIST CSF maturity scores on a scale from 1-4, with prioritized lists of top risks expressed in financial terms and of the most effective NIST CSF risk mitigation activities.

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Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

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