Four Predictions for Cyber Risk Management in 2022

January 11, 2022  Jeff B. Copeland

News - Cybersecurity - Zero-Day recently published a blog post by James Graham, Vice President of Marketing for RiskLens, with four predictions for 2022 that sum up where we think that the quantification movement, the FAIR model and the risk management industry are headed this year.

Here’s a quick summary:

1. “We expect an increasing number of boards to begin to ask CISOs for a quantified view of their organization's cyber risk. The unknown factor continues to be whether CISOs will be ahead of or behind this demand.” 

James Graham - VP Marketing - RiskLens2. “We expect an increased focus in the cyber risk quantification movement on extending risk management to better understand the effectiveness of cyber security controls,” following the introduction of the FAIR Controls Analytics Model™ (FAIR-CAM™).

3. “We expect security and risk leaders will increasingly look for quicker and easier ways to integrate, incorporate and include hard risk data to help them more quickly and easily assess risk using FAIR.” RiskLens will continue to build on its plug and play data services offerings, such as our healthcare industry solution.

4. “We expect the effects of the cybersecurity skills shortage on risk management capabilities, combined with the increased demand for its prioritization, will create enormous pressure on risk-conscious organizations to look for easier solutions” – such as the RiskLens Pro Managed Service.

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