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Digital Transformation

Cloud, AI, IoT – as the cyber risk landscape grows more complex, the need for well-informed decision-making is greater than ever. Weigh the risks along with the opportunities of digital transformation; quantify cyber risk in financial terms.

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Cyber Risk Management to Meet the Challenge of a New Era

To make the right strategic decisions, organizations need strong cyber risk management capabilities that adapt to a rapidly changing risk landscape and can be easily leveraged by business decision makers. Quantitative cyber risk management with RiskLens provides the clearest and most actionable insights on critical digital risks.

Acceleration of Digital Transformation Across Industries


New Opportunities for Efficiency and Cost Reduction
Companies around the globe are embracing innovations in Cloud and Automation enabling them to realize savings while improving their core processes and infrastructure.

New Ways to Engage with Customers
Digital transformation has transformed customer habits and expectations, with advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning allowing them to get a seamless customer experience across physical and virtual channels.

Digital Innovation Accompanied by New Risks
Ultimately, digital transformation demands a digital risk management strategy. To safeguard the business and its supporting IT ecosystem, teams must be prepared to combat the risks associated with these critical initiatives.

Cyber Risk Management for Optimized Business Decision

To make the best decisions, it is critical for organizations to understand their cyber risks. They must remain up-to-date on potential threats and actively advise the business on new digital opportunities and investments.

Cyber Risk Management for Optimized Business Decisions


Quickly Assess Risks Related to New Digital Initiatives
It is critical for organizations to manage the risks associated with new digital initiatives and their impact on the existing ecosystem, and to provide that insight in a timely and easy-to-consume manner, for better, more informed decisions. 

Determine Cost-Effective Ways to Secure Digital Initiatives
To support digital transformation, companies must ensure they are effectively mitigating the risks associated with infrastructure and technical decisions, balancing risk with cost effectiveness to optimally deliver new services.

Risks Associated with Cloud Migration
Migrating to Cloud comes with significant benefits, but often comes with the potential for new security and privacy concerns. In order to carefully and strategically determine which workloads should be migrated to the Cloud, and the impact to a company's risk exposure, a detailed quantitative analysis of the changes to risk is critical.

How to Evaluate the Security Risks of Cloud Migration

Discover Security Risks of Cloud Migration

How to Evaluate the Security Risks of Cloud Migration


Understand Current Risks

First teams scope their analysis and assess their risks using their current setup and infrastructure to have a baseline comparison.

Determine Risks When Cloud-Hosted
To estimate how much risk an organization will face after having migrated to a cloud-hosted solution, teams must next determine the changes to the risks they analyzed for their baseline and compare the differences.

Consider On-Premises vs. Cloud-Hosted Solution Based on ROI

Teams must finally determine the amount of financial investment (both capital and FTE) required for the migration, and compare it with the savings generated from the move (factoring in changes in risk exposure) in order to calculate the overall return on investment (ROI) for the decision.


Innovations to Assess Risk and Risk Treatments at the Speed Business Demands

Learn how Rapid Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment Analysis factor risk into decision making so teams can best serve the needs of the organization as it navigates the era of digital transformation.

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Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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