See a Demo of the My Cyber Risk Benchmark Tool - Self-Service Quantitative Cyber Risk Reporting

March 29, 2022  Jeff B. Copeland

Benchmark - RiskLens My Cyber Risk Benchmark Tool DemoWatch this webinar for a demo of My Cyber Risk Benchmark for rapid, consistent self-service reporting on cyber risk with quantitative results. RiskLens created this new tool to help CISOs and other security or risk managers quickly and definitively answer common questions from management such as 

  • “What cyber events are most likely to happen to us, and at what cost?”
  • “How should we prioritize our cybersecurity spending?”
  • ”How are we doing on cyber risk compared to our peers?”

Watch the webinar: My Cyber Risk Benchmark: CRQ for All, hosted by RiskLens Product Manager Taylor Maze and Data Scientist Ben Gowan.

Many security and risk teams struggle to assemble a coherent picture of cyber risk from CVSS scores, patch management metrics, news accounts of ransomware attacks on their industry and other disparate sources. Quantifying cyber risk in financial terms sounds like an aspirational goal, but they may lack the resources to run their own quantitative risk management program.

 Benchmark - Webinar - Screenshot

Image from the webinar

As this webinar demonstrates, the My Cyber Risk Benchmark tool offers fast, customized insight to an organization’s cyber risk across the seven most common categories (ransomware, denial of service attacks, etc.), refined by industry, geography, database size, and other parameters, with results expressed as probable cost in dollars and likelihood of occurrence.

A further breakdown reveals what drives the cost (incident response, data breach, etc.). Results are benchmarked against peers in the industry to set a meaningful context. 

Watch the webinar for more details on how My Cyber Risk can guide cybersecurity investment decisions. 

RiskLens offers a free, limited view into My Cyber Risk Benchmark so you can sample quantitative cyber risk reporting for your industry. Get your free Industry Cyber Risk Report now.  

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