Considering RiskLens? We Offer Customized Pilots as Proof of Value (PoV) Engagements

June 26, 2022  Joe Vinck.

RiskLens-Proof-of-Value-PoV-EngagementsLike other CISOs, CROs and CFOs, you’re feeling the pressure to wring every bit of value out of your cybersecurity budget and even cut spending that you can’t justify for a return on investment. You’ve heard about the FAIR™ standard for quantifying cyber risk in financial terms and the RiskLens enterprise platform for analyzing and managing cyber risk built on FAIR. 

Now you want to know what quantitative cyber risk management could do for you – and could your organization accept and handle it -- before going forward. We are ready for you with options for proof of value (PoV) engagements and pilots that meet your needs at any level.

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Before selecting a pilot or proof of value (sometimes called proof of concept) engagement, we’ve found that it's critical to take a step back and ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are the goals of your cyber risk management program?

  • What strategic digital growth initiatives does it support?

  • What kind of prioritization or investment justification decisions should it support?

  • What does this PoV need to accomplish?

  • Whose buy-in is needed to change the way you make decisions at your company?

  • How does your company typically evaluate projects like this one?

  • What needs are driving the timing of this project?

Once we answer these questions and frame up the objectives and decision criteria, we’ll be able to effectively decide upon a PoV engagement. Throughout any engagement, RiskLens works closely with you to make sure that the project is on track to address your particular risk management needs.

Joe Vinck is a Strategic Account Executive for RiskLens

Options for Proof of Value (PoV) Tabletop or Pilot Engagements 

Every RiskLens PoV engagement is customized for the client, but they fall into two general categories:


For you, if...

You want to see a demonstration of the capabilities of the RiskLens platform applied to your situation but aren’t expecting to come away with an actionable risk analysis

What is it...

A 2-4 hour session with RiskLens risk consultants (free of charge), covering a risk theme of high interest to you. Prior FAIR training not required.

What you’ll get...

Bring us a business problem or security concern (such as a cloud migration or ransomware threat) and we will show how we break down and analyze risk scenarios based on a limited set of your data, so you receive a good look at the input requirements and uses of FAIR analysis on the RiskLens platform.

4-Day Pilot

For you, if...

You want your risk managers to take a hands-on run at quantitative risk analysis and management under the coaching of RiskLens experts.

What is it...

Four days of intensive work together to practice key steps involved in quantitative risk management, including identifying and rapidly assessing top risks, evaluating the effectiveness of a risk mitigation initiative, completing a cost-benefit analysis and reporting on the results. (Typically, at least one staff member has previously taken FAIR training.)

What you'll get...

Sufficient exposure to our platform and processes for your risk management team to make a well-informed decision about going ahead -- and a highly relevant, actionable risk report that you can circulate to executive decision-makers as an example of how quantitative risk management with RiskLens provides unprecedented visibility into cyber risk and enables cost-effective decision-making 

Let’s discuss how RiskLens can demonstrate value for your organization. Contact us now.