Manufacturer Makes Risk-based Decision on Ransomware Controls

June 20, 2019

A multinational food manufacturing company was seeking to make an effective, risk-based decision on how to protect its distribution process from being impacted by a zero-day ransomware attack.

Specifically, should the organization invest in additional controls to improve response time for outages or implement micro-segmentation to decrease the probability of ransomware propagating across the network?

In this case study, you’ll learn how the manufacturer used the  RiskLens cyber risk quantification (CRQ) platform to:

  • Define a ransomware scenario and collect data for analysis
  • Estimate the probable frequency and cost of attacks
  • Model several risk reduction scenarios to understand potential return on investment in the competing choices for defenses

See how this analysis played out, and learn about the wider understanding gained about risk management practices from going through the  FAIR analysis process with RiskLens.

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