Video: 5 P's to Start Quantitative Risk Management - #4 Process

September 14, 2022  Jeff B. Copeland

5 Ps - Process - RiskLensWe’re exploring the five phases of how RiskLens launches a quantitative cyber risk management program, the 5 P’s.  After we’ve 1) set our Purpose, 2) trained our People, 3) tuned the RiskLens SaaS Platform, we are ready to deliver solid value through 4) Process – getting down to risk assessment work.

In this short video, RiskLens Regional Sales Director Joe Vinck tells the story of launching a program for a financial industry client, starting with an immediately impactful analysis that revealed that a planned security project was in fact not worth the $3 million investment when the probable risk reduction was quantified. 

Another takeaway from Joe’s story: RiskLens takes care to set a customer up for success. “We want to be working side by side with a customer to make an important decision to drive business value quickly,” Joe says, “while also empowering you to do this for yourself on an ongoing basis.”

HubSpot Video


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The Enterprise SaaS subscription to the RiskLens platform supports fast, risk-informed decisions at any level of the enterprise, from planning a new digital initiative down to day-to-day audit findings.

RiskLens Pro is an easy and affordable managed service that helps organizations quickly define, assess, and communicate cyber risks in financial terms, with no in-house expertise or significant time commitment necessary.